Tallow Chandlers Awards Luncheon

March 4, 2012

I feel an update is long overdue about my recent trip to London for the Tallow Chandlers Prize For Excellence that I received last month and previously blogged about.
I've been to London many times, and the visit itself was fleeting, but I have to say the whole event was truly one of a kind! The Tallow Chandlers' Halls are truly magnificent and we were given a tour of the building when we, and the other award winners, had arrived and checked in our coats. After the tour we were announced into a room for a champagne meet-and-greet reception. Yes, that's right... I was announced into a room! How fancy is that huh? I felt so special and like I had gone back in time! My name was called out by the Beadle of the Halls and I walked in, was offered a flute of champagne (but took some orange juice instead), shook hands with Sir Christopher Dudley Pryke Bt MRICS (what a mouthful!) and Dame Josephine Williams DBE, and then was swished into the room and approached by a lot of fancy people with medals around their necks (indicating they were the Masters of the Guild) and asked all about myself!
After a good mingle it was announced that we should proceed into the main hall for the luncheon. The hall is really stunning (you can see a photo of it in the blog entry I link to at the top) and this was my table setting:
Everything was branded with the Tallow Chandlers crest, even the water bottles! The people around me, though upper class and posh sounding, were lovely and down to earth and we had some nice chats during the meal - which was very tasty. Speeches were made and the medallists were introduced one by one. We each had a piece about us, and our achievements, read out and then we went up and received our medal, certificate and an envelope containing a cheque! (Perfect as I needed to buy a new set of clippers!).
After the meal a photographer took our photos and we got them e-mailed onto us just a week ago.
So... I know this is the first time I've ever shown my face on here, but I figure it's about time...
Here I am, proud as punch, holding my certificate and medal!
On Wednesday there is a presentation lunch here in Dublin where I will receive my City & Guilds' Medal and then on the 15th there will be the huge ceremony in London again. I feel like a bit of a celebrity, and to be honest I can't help but sometimes think that I don't really deserve these somehow! Anyway I will keep you all updated on how the other two events go, including the results of the People's Choice Award section - and thank you all again for voting!!!
- BE


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