About Me (aka. Barber-Whatsit?!?)

So who am I?
Well, I'm an Irish gal who loves wet shaving and who's a qualified barber (City & Guilds Diploma with overall Distinction!).  You'll find on here some ramblings of mine; about barber college, about my experiences in the barbershop I work in, about the random shaving thoughts that pop into my head. You can also find reviews of the stuff I use in my "Shave Of The Week" and "Product Review" sections.
I love getting comments and questions and you can find my e-mail address on right hand side of this blog post so if you have anything you'd like to see me type about, or just want to say hello, please do!

As for the name?
I get asked quite a lot just what exactly "Barber Eile" means or what it's a spin on. I guess living in Ireland I thought it was quite a funny double play on words, but I quickly realised that my friends across the sea get a bit confused by it!
I incorrectly get called Barber Elie (elly) quite a bit and I don't mind it in the slightest, but I thought I'd explain where it came from for those who are curious.
In Irish the word "eile" means "other" and is prounced "ella".
So 'Barber Eile' means 'the other barber'.
However when you say it, it sounds like Barber-ella, which is a little nod towards this fine lady:
Okay so maybe my barbering skills won't quite save the universe but who knows? What if a bunch of aliens whose planet is overrun with stubble decide to wipe out the earth and I step forward, straight razors a-blazin' to save the day by helping them out?
What?!? It could happen!
As for the name, well I think if I'm going to be saving the world I should have a costume with an symbol on it like Superman, and I already have one picked out, it's the name most people choose to refer to me by and it's simple to remember:
- BE