The Blink Of An Eye

March 31, 2012

Just a short observation today in work:
One of the barbers blinks in an alternating pattern to her cutting! Snip, snip, blink... snip, snip, blink. She'll take a new section, cut it twice and then blink (repeat for whole head). She ends up blinking far more often than you would normally but I guess by making sure she blinks in between cuts then she always has her eye on the job at hand!
I must keep an eye open (haahaa) to see what other patterns people do. I observed early on that everyone has a unique work rhythm, like one of my colleagues who will comb up his first section of hair almost 10 times before making that first cut and then can speed through the rest, setting a solid line to follow I guess! 
Because I'm aware of these things in others I am constantly trying to find the best flow for myself which means changing it up a bit when I catch myself doing something. I guess that when I do find a rhythm that works I probably won't even be aware of it until someone points it out to me, like my best friend who sticks her tongue out just a little when she's concentrating - the funny thing is though, she'll often be practising her face painting on me when she does it so her face is really close to mine and it makes me laugh!
- BE


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