Never A Dull Blade

January 15, 2014


Happy 2014! I'm still snipping away happily and love to see that this blog of mine as gotten so much attention, and continues to do so. I got an e-mail today from a barber-to-be in Galway looking to find out what college I went to - how flattering!
My work is going great - I have a wonderful colleague from Bulgaria who calls us the "best barber team" whom I work with each day, and lots of regulars, some of whom even travel from outside of Dublin to get their hair cut by me. Talk about an ego-boost!
But one of the best things is, even though I feel quite confident now as a barber, I'm still learning every day. Still looking at new techniques, watching other barbers, seeing what is currently fashionable etc. Each new trend is something new to learn and I love that.

 - BE