Barbershop Blues

January 20, 2011

It's with a heavy heart that I have had to give up my work experience in the barbershop.
My mum is very ill and I want to be able to visit her as often as I can. I can't stop working as I need the money, and I can't stop college as she would never want me to do that, nor is there any real need at this point at least. However I had to find some time somewhere so I made the tough decision to give up the day in the barbers.
Family comes first.
I'm just letting everyone who reads this know. I will keep posting as regularly as I can and I'll be working twice as hard at everything from here on out. Talk to you all again soon.
- BE

25th Jan: Edit: My family have now also suffered the loss of my brother. I have taken a couple of weeks off college to give and receive support. It is a difficult time but I am now back at home which makes it easier. 

Barber College - The Story So Far

January 10, 2011

Ah the first couple of weeks of a new year: you still write '10 when writing the date down, you make resolutions you'll never keep, and, as you polish off the last of the selection box, you think back on the year just gone and the new one to come.

Today was my first day back in college and so a recap of what I've covered so far is in order I feel. This year had gotten off to a less than great start due to some family illness (apologies in the lack of blogging as a result) but oddly enough getting back into college was something solid and familiar and I enjoyed my first day more than I though I would (though I didn't stop yawning until 11am!). Next week the new group of students will start. Yes, the NEW group... already my group are the veterans of the college and it's strange to think I'm nearly half way through. This last half is going to require a huge amount of drive from me, but I want to do it, and simply being in there again is getting me motivated. 

For those thinking of going to barbering college and are curious as to what is covered, here's a list of what I've learnt so far in the space of roughly two and a half months. I won't elaborate on them all, but a simple search on Google will explain most terms to those who want to know more:

- Cuts: one length, box layers, uniform layers (long and short), graduated layers, fringes, scissors over comb, clippers over comb, clipper shaves, slicing, point cutting, texturizing, using the straight to tidy up the neckline, removing "weight" using a number of techniques and I've seen a bit of the shaper razor in use (can't wait to give that a go!)
- Blow-drying: Straight, curly, flick, finger, sausage, volume.
- Colouring: Highlights, Semi colour, root tint, full head colour.
- Theory: Health and safety, shampooing and conditioning, skin diseases, infections, abrasions etc., reception duties, client consultation, hair tests for colour, strength etc., strand tests, patch tests, some colour theory.

I still have so much to practise and learn but I'm going to give it my all. I hope I can get enough people in to practise on. I have a great American guy called Michael in tomorrow. He's a real character. Last time he came in he was full of hugs for me and stories to tell even though I'd never met him before in my life. He's an older gent and has salt-and-pepper hair but, to quote his own words: "just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean there isn't a fire in the furnace!". 

Oh and if someone is looking for a late Christmas, or just "hey you are awesome!" present for me...:
(I mean look at that yellow one! It's like a fish! I love it!
Shame these are custom made shorties. You can see more of them HERE )
- BE