The Fame Update! (London, Awards, TV and Thank YOU!)

March 26, 2012

The Superstar has returned!
I'm back from my fantastic trip to London and, of course, the City and Guild's Medals For Excellence Awards Ceremony! It was truly fantastic and just like one of those gala awards dinners you see on TVand I really felt like a superstar. It was very surreal.
When myself and my boyfriend arrived at the hotel provided to us for the night I was greeted by the friendly hotel staff and presented with a small envelope containing a congratulations card and a small pin badge to be worn at the ceremony to show I am an award winner. The hotel was very close to the Roundhouse where it was all happening that night so, after getting all spruced up, we walked down to the venue to see they had a red carpet outside leading all the way in, past a whole group of photographers waiting to take everyone's photographs! It was like being snapped by paparazzi! Here's some shots of me on the red carpet (note the huge smile on my face and the white stripe in my red hair for the barber's pole!):
Once inside we were offered free champagne (though I opted for a soft drink) and shown to the balcony overlooking the main floor, where we were treated to a fantastic display of a man, dressed as James Bond, doing an acrobatic routine on silks high above where we would be seated! It was really incredible!
We were then brought to the tables on the main floor and the celebration began! I won't bore you with a minute by minute account but I will say there was great food, great company and great entertainment from an awesome choir who performed some traditional African welcoming songs! The host for the evening was Alex Jones ( ) who is a mini-celebrity over here! 
Now I know you all are dying to know how I got on in relation to The People's Choice Award which you were all so, so fantastic in voting for me in... Well, I didn't win but I did come 4th out of 109 entrants so that's pretty fantastic in and of itself. And honestly, seeing everyone I know, and some I don't (!) rallying around me and supporting me has really meant so much more to me than that trophy ever would. I know it sounds cheesy but you'd better break open the packet of cream crackers because that's just how I feel!
So what's next for this Diva of the Barbering World you ask? Well, quite exciting things actually! My appearance on IrelandAM has been confirmed for the 30th of April and it will available to view on-line after its airing so I will be sure to post a link. Also, I was contacted just this morning by another promotions agency who are looking to get me a further TV/radio spot so I'll keep you updated with any news I get about that too.
On top of all that I am planning something exciting to post on here just before I am on TV so you can get scootching towards the edge of your seats in anticipation of that too! Okay now that my exclamation point button on my keyboard is nearly falling off I'll sign out!
- BE


Bit2 said...

You are still #1 in our hearts.

Glad you had fun.

Barber Eile's Blog said...

Aww thank you *blush*

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