Lathering The World!

May 30, 2011

Just a short entry as I was looking at the 'stats' of my blog. I was looking back at the last 35 or so visitors to my little bloggĂ­n (blog-een, ...sure it's made up, but it's nice to know how to say it!) and I've people from all around the world having a peek on here it seems! So thank you very much to all my readers. Here's an sample of the locations you all herald from:
Ireland: Dublin , Kildare
UK: London, Glasgow
Australia: Fairfield
Canada: Quebec
Netherlands: Sint Anthonis
USA: Georgia, California (at least 3 different places!), Colorado, South Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Washington, Arkansas, Maryland...
And, most curiously; Armed Forces Pacific!
Feel free to leave a comment saying hi! I'd love to here from you!

Shaved Head Designing

May 28, 2011

I really like the look of head designs and had been eager to try something really interesting for ages, so I finally got a chance to be more creative last week with a friend's hair. She wanted a mohawk but with some sort of design around it, but had no idea what she would like and left it up to me. She did want it mostly bare though so, rather than cut a design out of the hair, I decided to leave the design in and shave off the rest! It was a really good learning experience in terms of figuring out how much detail the hair can take etc. One side of the design is offset to the other side as she didn't want anything symmetrical. In the end she was really happy and we coloured the center part red (though we didn't have the correct colour so it wasn't as bright as she would have liked...).
What do ya think?
- BE

Product Review: KD Creations Black Raspberry Vanilla Shave Cream

May 24, 2011

And the product reviews are back now too! Oh I can hear the uproar of joy from the crowds already!
So for the last week I've been using a shave cream by KD Creations, a small artisan soap maker (very thick cream I might add) that I got as part of a present exchange/Kris Kindle type thing we did on B&B a while back. I got a good few things I'd never tried before so more things to review which my bank balance is happy about.
Mmmmm... Black raspberry vanilla. Sounds tasty huh? It's got tallow as it's second listed ingredient which always makes me happy as I find tallow-based  shaving products are generally very good. This is a very thick cream yet I find I have to reload my brush a couple of times when doing my legs. I can see me working through this tub faster than other shaving creams/soft soaps I own (though considering I have enough products to last me until I'm old and grey this is not a bad thing!). It takes a good bit more water to lather up than other things I used, however it lathers really easily once you have this figured out and it's nice thick and slick lather. Provides good cushion and while not moisturising, it's not drying either.
The scent is yummy. Probably a bit too sweet and feminine for most. It smells like a milkshake made from tangy raspberries and black forest gateaux. It's quite strong once lathered too and even leaves a mild scent on my skin - omnomnom... I seem to really like edible scents!
- BE
P.S. I can't find a website for KD Creations to link to - sorry.

A Barber Is Born!

So 9 months after the timid little me, so bright eyed and bushy tailed, began her journey to becoming a barber, I finally received my diploma in the post! Hurrah! WooHoo! Huzzah!
I've been back in Dublin for a couple of weeks now and applying for jobs like crazy. I've had a couple of interviews but I'm running up against a 'catch 22' time and time again. Everywhere seems to already want you to have 3 - 5 years floor experience before they will employ you *sigh*. It's hard to get that first couple of years behind you and everyone I talk to agrees. Chances are I'll have to do it as unpaid work experience for a year or so just to clock up some time.
So the college is over and now the hard slog begins. I also hope to take my hot towel shaving course next month if money allows (note to anyone getting into barbering - the training ain't cheap!). One journey is over and it seems I'm at the start of a whole new one - if only I can find a ship to let me on board.
- BE

The Western Front

May 6, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Sorry it's been so quiet on here lately but new big exciting things are happening (one of which happens tomorrow!). Also I had been moving back to Dublin and between packing and ... well... not so much 'unpacking' but more 'looking at the boxes in my room thinking "I really should unpack those"' I've had little free time.. 
But yes, I will have many a new blogging soon so patience please my wonderful and attentive readers (did I mention you are all incredibly good looking too?). Oh, and I really need to update my header on here too...

- BE