Product Review: Dr. Rubin's Lip Balm

January 9, 2012

It's been a good while since I reviewed a product but this one, or rather this company, just jumped out at me for their wonderful customer service so I had to give them a bit of a shout out. Sorry for the long into but here's the story:
Before Christmas I was online browsing around on the "Old School Barbershop" facebook group. One of the vendors, Dr. Rubin's, put up a post saying they had an offer on so I went over to their website ( ) to have a look at the pommade and other products they stock. Now I didn't spend long on it as I use Chrome as my browser and found there to be a few glitches (scrolling issues and page links not working - they seem to all be fixed now) so I though I would inform them about these issues. I commented on their initial facebook post and they replied almost instantly apologising and saying they were working on it and would I like a free sample of their lip balm for the inconvenience?! Now THAT is customer service.
I should note that they didn't know about my blog or anything, nor did they ask for me to review the product. My review and opinions are purely my own, but in the interest of honesty I feel I should mention the product I received was free.

Now for customer service they get five stars, and imagine my surprise when a package arrived in the mail shortly afterwards with a FULL SIZED lip balm in it for me! Not a sample size at all but a full tin:
You can see some of the ingredients list there too... all good stuff - beeswax, sweet almond oil, coconut oil. The texture and colour itself is similar to most vaseline/petroleum jelly based balms... a cloudy white colour with a slick texture. Now a lot of the time I can put lip balms into one of two categories: sticky or drying. So many products out there either dry out my lips over time, or make my lips tacky and sticky, but I am very happy to say this balm does neither. It's smooth and slick and you only need a little each time as it spreads out well. Its got a lovely mint-coconut scent and works well by itself or over lipstick to add a shine.
Personally I like quite a thick balm with heavy hydration and staying power, and to date have only found one that I use every single night (and I've tried a lot - I'm a former lip-balm-junkie of sorts!) so the only downside of this one for me is that it's not a touch more hydrating. But, considering how little you have to use, reapplication isn't a problem as this tin will last a long time. 
In conclusion: Not ideal for quenching your lips overnight but a perfect everyday style balm. It doesn't tint your lips so can go over anything and the scent isn't feminine so it's a very unisex product. Good Stuff!
- BE


J said...

Probably the greatest Lip Balm I have experienced. I am biased, but I am right

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