City & Guilds Medal For Excellence!

January 8, 2012

HAPPY 2012!!!
Welcome to 2012 everyone! I have some more wonderful news that I received just a couple of days ago.
Remember how in this post just before Christmas  I mentioned that I had been lucky enough to win a Tallow Chandlers Prize? Well, what happened is that my tutor had actually nominated me for a City & Guilds Medal Of Excellence. The C&G people then forward a few candidates onto the Tallow Chandlers Committee for consideration for their award. The winners of the T.C. award are announced first, but, I just found out a couple of days ago that I have also won what I was originally nominated for:
A City & Guilds Medal Of Excellence!
The design of the medal is quite interesting. The image you see above is on one side of the medal and it shows the original City & Guilds Seal designed in 1880 and it bares the coat of arms of several of the founding guilds. You can read the list of then, and which seal is theirs, here: .

So... another awards ceremony and another trip to London await me! The event is called the 'Lion Awards' and this time it's in March with a drinks reception, a 3 course meal, a stage show and the awards ceremony hosted by a celebrity guest! Also each winner is given a double/twin room for the night in a nearby hotel - so I can dance the night away afterwards! It's all held in the Roundhouse Venue in London:
(photos found on google image search)
The Lion Awards themselves are additional awards given out on the night for things such as 'Small Business Learner of the Year', 'Community Supporter of the Year', etc. and I don't qualify for any of those...
HOWEVER... there is also the main award of the night (which is being held this year for only the second year running) and that is the 'People's Choice' Award. This is an award given to the person who gets the most public votes so I'm going to be counting on all of my readers to vote for me. It'd make my whole year to win that and I'll post on here with information on how to vote as soon as I get it!
So gather up your troops ready for voting and keep your eyes peeled for an update. I hope your new year started as well as mine did!
- BE


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