Shaved Head Designing

May 28, 2011

I really like the look of head designs and had been eager to try something really interesting for ages, so I finally got a chance to be more creative last week with a friend's hair. She wanted a mohawk but with some sort of design around it, but had no idea what she would like and left it up to me. She did want it mostly bare though so, rather than cut a design out of the hair, I decided to leave the design in and shave off the rest! It was a really good learning experience in terms of figuring out how much detail the hair can take etc. One side of the design is offset to the other side as she didn't want anything symmetrical. In the end she was really happy and we coloured the center part red (though we didn't have the correct colour so it wasn't as bright as she would have liked...).
What do ya think?
- BE


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