Product Review: KD Creations Black Raspberry Vanilla Shave Cream

May 24, 2011

And the product reviews are back now too! Oh I can hear the uproar of joy from the crowds already!
So for the last week I've been using a shave cream by KD Creations, a small artisan soap maker (very thick cream I might add) that I got as part of a present exchange/Kris Kindle type thing we did on B&B a while back. I got a good few things I'd never tried before so more things to review which my bank balance is happy about.
Mmmmm... Black raspberry vanilla. Sounds tasty huh? It's got tallow as it's second listed ingredient which always makes me happy as I find tallow-based  shaving products are generally very good. This is a very thick cream yet I find I have to reload my brush a couple of times when doing my legs. I can see me working through this tub faster than other shaving creams/soft soaps I own (though considering I have enough products to last me until I'm old and grey this is not a bad thing!). It takes a good bit more water to lather up than other things I used, however it lathers really easily once you have this figured out and it's nice thick and slick lather. Provides good cushion and while not moisturising, it's not drying either.
The scent is yummy. Probably a bit too sweet and feminine for most. It smells like a milkshake made from tangy raspberries and black forest gateaux. It's quite strong once lathered too and even leaves a mild scent on my skin - omnomnom... I seem to really like edible scents!
- BE
P.S. I can't find a website for KD Creations to link to - sorry.


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