Product Review: Molton Brown Supershave Olibanum

April 4, 2011

Hello All!
I'm doing this product review after only one use of this product as I really amn't keen on it at all. Normally I'd give my products about 3 full leg shaves to test out but I gave this one a half leg shave and gave up. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I'm using it according to the directions on the back... it's Molton Brown's Supershave Olibanum (brushless, non-lathering shaving cream):
(image taken from company website)
I don't have a huge amount of experience using brushless shave creams. I like Cremo which I find very easy to use, and the cream I use on my clients' necks in college is brushless and is also lovely. The problem I found with the Molton Brown stuff is that when you rub it on it doesn't lather at all; in fact goes thinner and very translucent so I can't see when it is at all, nor can I see what parts I've shaved and where I might have missed. I can't see it so my mind feels like it's not there. I ended up using quite a bit just to feel like I was putting some on, and at the price this retails for I could see this being impractical. It doesn't seem moisturizing and while my razor glided over my skin, I couldn't feel the cushioning. I see on their website that they also sell a "conditioning" version of this cream - does this mean the one I have doesn't really condition? 
Also I really dislike the smell. It's not that it smells too manly or too much like cologne, but rather it smells very chemically and synthetic. Again this was another reason why I cut my shave short. As with all of my reviews, some people may love this stuff, this is just my opinion. Later Gators!
- BE


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