The Penultimate Day! (aka: the end is near)

April 20, 2011

Can you believe it?
Tomorrow I walk into that classroom for the last time, carry out one final cut as a trainee, in front of an external examiner over here from England, and walk out a fully qualified barber! I'll have to change my blog header on here!
I'm so nervous. And I perform less than perfectly when I am nervous, but luckily the guy who's hair I am cutting is a lovely, chatty, friendly guy called Michael who's become a regular of mine, and as such; a friend, so that'll help calm those shaking hands some (if nothing else I get along with him too well to want to send him home with one less ear). 
*Big Deep Breath* Tomorrow I go from 'Barber-to-be Eile' to simply 'Barber Eile'. Wish me luck.

- B(tb)E


Bit2 said...

Good Luck & Congrats!!

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