Video Requests!

March 31, 2011

Hello all my blog reading folk! I hope that soon I will have some video watching folk too as I'm getting ready to start making some shaving for women related videos... exciting no?
On YouTube there are TONS of videos about shaving for men, some of the best videos come from "shaving guru" Mantic59 and I can recommend then for people getting started. They also teach the basics such as learning lather building etc. You can find a link to his YouTube channel in my links section on the right hand side of this page.
So I figured as male shaving is pretty much covered why not create some videos that are female specific? The reviews and things I do on here will still continue but this is just a little side project also that's a bit more specialised. Hopefully I can integrate the two together.
I have a few ideas in mind of things to cover but I wanted to open this up to suggestions from my readers. What would you like to see me create a video about? While I was browsing Youtube I came across this cute little video and thought I'd post it here - Enjoy:

- BE


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