Double Good News

March 11, 2011

I got doubly good news this week!
Firstly I finally got the results back from the theory test I did at the end of last year. Now I do theory tests all the time, one for each module, but his one was the BIG one. It was the official City and Guilds' one that incorporated questions from every topic. We had been waiting months to get the results of these as they had to be sent off to England to be corrected and when they were returned a couple of people's certificates were missing, so rather than give some people theirs in January and some later on we all waited to get them together. I still have to finish up all of my practical assessment (there are 86 of them as far as I remember!) and then my results of everything, both practical and theory/written will join to give my final result.
I'm thrilled to announce my result (and yes it's me even though it's blurred out!):
The second piece of happy news I got was that someone nominated me for the Irish Blog Awards under the "specialist" category. Not I have a sneaking suspicion is was a yarn-obsessed friend of mine who is also a fellow blogger, but none the less, it was great to be nominated. I didn't make it to the short-list but it put a smile on my face regardless!
I hope everyone else had a good week!


Tele said...

Excellent! The practicals should be a breeze for you ;)! Now to scrape up enough bread to hire my own personal barber-eile...

Barber Eile's Blog said...

Oooo I tells ya - I'll be worth millions by the time I'm done! ;p

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thread bear said...

: )

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