Barber Eile Goes On IrelandAM!

June 11, 2012

I'm yawning as I write this as I was up at 5am this morning (there's a 5am? - Who knew?!) for my early morning TV appearance on IrelandAM. I have to say I felt very nervous and embarrassed but thanks to the magic of TV (and the TV3 make-up artist who not only made me look bright eyed and bushy tail, but also helped hide my blushing) I think I actually come across quite well.
So without further ado here's my tv d├ębut and 5 minutes of fame!
Sorry the quality is a bit grainy. I'll fix that if I can. 
Now you may notice that the lovely presented Anna mentioned my "top five tips", I was asked for these prior to the day and was told that they would be shown on screen during the interview but I'm guessing they never got around to that so for anyone curious, before I log off and snuggle into my bed, I'll leave you with my concise "Five Top Tips For Getting The Perfect Shave At Home":

1. Map - Map the direction of your hair growth. 
Facial mapping templates are available here: Facial Hair Mapping
2. Prep – prepare the skin and hair before shaving with preshave oil and a hot towel or steam.
3. Lather – create a good, cushioning lather with a quality shaving soap and brush. The brush will lift the hair and exfoliate the skin.
4. Tension – Keep the skin taut but don't over-stretch as this can lead to razor bumps. Using a single blade traditional razor, as opposed to a multiblade cartridge razor, also helps.
5. Aftercare – use an alcohol-free moisturising balm afterwards and/or witch hazel to tone the skin.

- BE


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    Excellent job!
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