Inspiration (Number 5!)

February 6, 2012

Well in my last post I asked you all to stay tuned for 'number 5' in my inspiration list. Hopefully you haven't wasted away in anticipation but here it is...

5. Old School Barbershop Nostalgia.
Sometimes my inspiration and drive will come from going back to the root of why I started doing this, not just the haircuts involved. For me it's the nostalia and the old-school feel. I have a great book simply called 'Barbershops' that I got as a gift a while back and I love looking through it at all of the gorgeous photos of barbershops. I also have a DVD called "Barbiers: une histoire d'homme" that is full of wonderful history and stories of barbering. Heck, even watching the modern "Barbershop" films makes me smile at the sense of community it shows going on in barbershops in black communities right up to this day.
I'm a member of the Old School Barbershop group on Facebook and love the photos everyone posts up but, by far, the one thing I like the most is the videos of other barbershops that their owners and staff post up. People who are truely proud of what they have created and the establishment they work in. People who love their craft and this love can be seen in the surroundings they create.
If ever I want to get back to the feel of why I began barbering I can just look at one of these and get a wave of pride in my craft. I can imagine what my own shop could/will look like. I can plan everything down to the detail of the upholstery of the waiting area. So here, to play me out, are a few glimpses into barbershops I hope to visit someday (And the first two I have been in many times!):

If you have any videos you'd like to share I'd love to see them!
- BE


Clarke said...


I really like what I consider old fashioned barbershops. Seeing those videos actually brought back memories of my first haircut, years ago. I remember my grandfather taking me to the barbers at Franks Department Store on 79th Street in Chicago. I wonder how many guys remember their first haircut?

I especially like the music on the second video. That reminds me, have you seen the shaving video posted by The Handmade Soap Company?

Barber Eile's Blog said...

Funny you should post that link Clarke... I think you'll like my next two posts coming up!

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