(Work-)Station In Life

August 11, 2011

I've found that the barbers I work with take pride in keeping their workstations neat and tidy, and this makes me really happy. At the end of everyday (and sometimes during also) the counter-tops get fully cleaned down and the mirrors polished. Combs and shavettes are kept in Barbicide in between cuts, clippings and tissue-paper are swept away after each client, and used towels and facecloths are put in the wash-bins (one for the navy towels, one for the whites).
However everyone has a slightly different way they like to lay out their tools: 
The barber beside me lines up her clipper guides from big to small, I like it the other way around. 
One of my other colleagues puts their scissors vertically on their mat, I like mine horizontally.
I like to use Black & White Pommade so I have two different tubs of it at my station (I also like the shaping cream and the beeswax cream but we only have one of those open at a time so they hop from station to station).
I use an old Ever-Ready shaving brush to clean my clippers with, the barber beside me uses a nail brush.
Here's my station at the start of the day (the shavette is put in the Barbicide with my combs after each use):
Every place has a spray bottle, a container of talc, a can of Clippercide and a sterilising jar of Barbicide. The white on the left of the image is the sink. I love laying out my tools and having a clean, presentable station. I hope your barber does to!
- BE


Ian "P45" Power said...

I love that your scissors have little pink handles :p

Barber Eile's Blog said...

Thanks Ian! I didn't know you read this :)
One of the scissors came with the pink insert and I put them in the other as my fingers are quite small so it gives better grip.

Clarke said...

My barber definitely has an organised work station. I've recently begun to allow my wife to cut my hair! She does a better job than the two guys in our only local shop.

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