The Tipping Point

August 6, 2011

A quick observation:
When people are paying for a service, no matter how small the cost, they frequently tip.
When people receive the same service from free, 9 times out of 10 they won't tip.
Unfortunately I can not charge people for haircuts etc. as I'm doing my final year apprenticeship so it means I never get any tips either. It's interesting the difference in mentality we have towards getting something for free and getting it cheaply. I got my first tip today and the customer felt the need to ask if it was ok to tip me before giving me it. I guess my service is a bit of a grey area of confusion for people. None the less, I love having someone in my chair, and having a good chat while snipping away and then having them pleased with the end result makes me really happy. Most of my clients seem to be students or unemployed people and I like knowing that I'm helping them save a few euro that they probably need for food more than they do for 'luxury' things like haircuts. Funnily enough, in a vice versa comparision; when my friends come into me they often buy me lunch as a thank you - so I get paid in food! Huzzah!
- BE


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