The "Justin Bieber" Haircut

February 16, 2011

I felt I just had to post this as fate has prodded me to do so.
A couple of days ago I got an e-mail from a friend of mine telling me that apparently the "Justin Bieber" hairstyle is really popular amongst his friends' kids, and that young boys are lining up to get this cut. Now in case for some reason the image of this fresh-faced young pop sensation has escaped your gaze (love him or hate him - he's everywhere) here's an image to remind you of his fairly unique haircut:
That's some head of hair huh?
So I went into college today and asked my tutor if she could show me how to cut this style. After a little bit of "Justin who? Oooooh him..." we grabbed a dolly head and off I went. Getting all those layers in is a little tricky but I found the fringe to be the hardest part. I ended up taking a little bit too much off one part with the razor (also my first time giving the shaper razor a real go) so I had to make it into a shorter slide fringe than Justin's face-grabbing mop. Still, I think I did okay for my first go at the style!:
Sorry the quality of the photos isn't great but as you can see it's nicely layered and pushed forward. The hair on the dolly heads isn't great so the side fringe was tricky to shape but I think given another go or two and I'd have it down.
Then tonight I was watching my guilty pleasure - Glee  - (hears the sound of all my readers clicking 'unsubscribe') and they were having an episode dedicated to ol' JB himself and I figured it was a sign to show the world my handy work. So ladies and gents, if your pre-pubescent boy wants to sing about never letting 'you' go 'babe', and how his 12 year old heart is bursting with joy and love for 'you... girl...' then bring him my way. We'll pop one of these on his head and he'll be raking in the cash in no time, so it'll be an early retirement for you! Hurrah!

- BE


Telecaster52 said...

Lol the dolly head looks just like him :D

Barber Eile's Blog said...

Hee Hee... thanks Tele. Wait until you see my next post in which I gave him highlights!

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