Shave Of The Week - 10th Oct '10 (10/10/10!)

October 10, 2010

Shave of the week time for 10/10/10!
Here's the set-up:
- A GEM G-Bar SE (single edge) razor
- GEM SE blade
- Dr Harris & Co. 'Arlington' Shave Stick
- Badger Brush

So this was my first ever shave with a SE razor and I have to say I might just be a convert. It was incredibly smooth and easy. I was a bit worried that the blade wouldn't last for one whole shave (two full legs and both underarms) but I needn't have worried as it stayed nice and sharp with no drag at any point. With a DE you have both sides of the blade to use during a shave so my thinking was that this would essentially be like using half a DE. I was wrong. A SE blade acts like something that's between half a DE blade and a straight razor. It's a bit thicker and sturdier and, as far as I can tell so far, gets a smidge closer too than a DE, but not as close as I can get with a straight. The lather was caught nicely and rinsed away clearer than I find when using a DE. It didn't seem to get inside the razor or caught in any nooks or crannies.
The lather itself was nice. Shave sticks are easy to use, just rub them on the skin and then swirl your brush around. For good measure I gave the brush a swirl on the stick too just to load it a bit more. The scent is fine though nothing that particularly calls to me. It lathered easily and gave a good lasting lather.

I'll have to try this SE with another soap later on to see if I can make this an even better shave but I'm very, very happy with this. A good balance of nice and close with super easy to use.

- BE


Brian said...

No surprise on the SE.. I very , very rarely use a DE. Gem 1912, schick injector or a straight. I can get upwards of 9 to 10 shaves on a SE Blade which is alot better then a DE. I also find the shave miles closer then a DE. Welcome Dan to the world of Gemocracy and becoming a Gemocrat.

Bit2 said...

Welcome to the Wonderful World of SE shaving!!
Not much in blade choices but they shave great and the razors themselves are pretty inexpensive.

I am using a GEM Damaskeene, 1912 with a BRW handle.
Best shaves I have ever had.

Have a great shave,

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