Rattle And Hum

October 15, 2010

I was in the barbershop again today doing my day of work experience when a thought that I've had numerous times before popped into my head - I love the sound of the electric clippers. 
There's something about that gentle hum that comforts me and makes me feel almost cosy. That, combined with the scent of bay rum in the air, the banter between the barbers causing laughter to sound across the shop floor, the extra air of confidence in a satisfied customer's walk as they leave the shop, the wafts of steam coming off a hot towel... all of these things make me happy to be on my way into this profession.

The gentle hum of the clippers also reminds me of the hum of a tattoo gun (another sound I find appealing). I'll admit there's a bit of a rockabilly side to me that has a soft spot for barbershops that are attached to tattoo studios. They seem to go hand in hand somehow. Of course this doesn't suit every style of barbershop, but when it's done right it seems to be a symbiotic relationship.

I like how you can hear when the clipper needs a touch more oil. Heck, I even like the sudden buzz it makes when the blade guard is a little loose. Call me odd if you will but it's the soothing sound of a trades-person at work. And someday that'll be me.

- BE


Kristina said...

Personel that will be helpful with young children are always welcome in my book! You did awesome.


Randy said...

Nice perspective on some of the sounds of a barbershop that we don't always notice.

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