View From Behind

April 23, 2012

Ah yes, you know that moment when your barber has finished up. When they ask you if you are happy with your haircut... you look on top, everything looks good and both ears are intact...
And then the mirror comes out. Yes, so you can see the back of your head. A place where you will never see again until your next haircut. 
Now I know this is so you can see that we haven't shaved our initials into your neckline or left you with a mullet, but every time I pick up my back mirror to show my client my handiwork (and sometimes my neck fade will be my proudest part of the cut for me! Unsurprisingly though I've yet to have a client go "oh lovely fade out on the neckline there... My word, my nape looks at least 200% sexier now, let me be sure to get your name so I can put you in my will"...) I can't help but think of this funny rant by the great English comedian David Mitchell where he approves of the mirror (but not much else!):
The bit at 1.35 in about the "plant squirter" is also hilarious as I'm sure some client's feel that way! I hope this gave you a giggle!


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