November 21, 2011

I don't know what it is about me but I have an allure I can no longer deny. Maybe it's my welcoming smile, my friendly banter or some invisible pheromone. In fact in both barber college as well as my work now I get a little bit of teasing about it.
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The truth is I seem to attract some (hopefully) innocent attention from men of a considerable more mature age! I get sweet little gifts of teddy bears and chocolate. I have one client who glances in the window every day on his way to work to see if I'm there (the other barbers tease me by telling my when my “admirer” looked in for me on my days off). But they are harmless. I think they just enjoy the bit of a chat, some attention and, of course, a nice haircut.
I honestly don't care if who sits in my chair be they young, old, short, tall, whatever. I had a transgender client in the other day and had a cool conversation with him about how he loves getting his hair cut short in a barbers and about hormones for vocal changes. I have a girl who comes into me as she has a very short shaved style at the back of her head.
I'm just as happy chatting about 'kids these days' as I am about current fashions or popular TV shows. I don't follow sports but I pick up bits here and there and if you wanna talk I'll gladly listen.
Some clients like to simply sit quietly with no conversation at all. And that's fine too. In fact I've had a few clients fall asleep in the chair they were so calm and relaxed!
But the best thing for me is seeing those faces return. Having my own set of regulars is great and I'm always especially happy to see one of this growing group of people come in the door. I need to work on my memory so I can start recalling exactly how each of them likes their hair (I know just a few my heart by now) but they walk out happy and having them return 6 or 8 weeks later is a true sign of a job well done to me. Put it down to the cut, the chat or a combination of both, whatever this secret I have is I hope I can hold onto it even if I never find out exactly what it is.
So here's to the regulars! Thanks to you for always brightening my day.
- BE  


Seamus said...

I stare in through the window at you on the way home from work...

Clarke said...

As a customer, I've always tried to use one particular barber in a shop. Normally, they'd know what "the usual" was. That didn't quite work out at the small shop nearest home. They cut their hours and I found myself rushing in just before closing time. It's best not to have a hurried barber cut your hair.

I do understand about the admirers. There's another barber shop a little further away that allowed their newest barber to open the shop by herself on Saturdays. She was a young lass, about 31, but looked much younger. I believe I was her first customer. She took her time and gave me a great haircut. Each time I returned, there were more guys waiting. The last time I tried getting my hair cut there, the shop wasn't open yet and there were six guys already waiting for her to open. There's now a male barber opening the shop on Saturdays and there's no waiting!

tele said...

I stare through the window of your house...

Barber Eile's Blog said...

Séamus: I know you do and it's dark outside so I can't see you but I know you're there!
Tele: You wish! You'd have to take a long flight just to look at me through a window!
Clarke: Thanks for the great comment :)

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