Baby It's Cold Outside

December 1, 2010

So we've been having an unusual cold snap over here. Normally we'll get a little snow or frost in December but it seems like Mr. Frost is making an early visit and has decided to set up camp for a while. It's hitting -8 at night and right now it's -4. Combine that with the fact that I'm by the coast, and that's some freeztastic conditions right there. However it also looks so pretty! Everything all dusted in white and beautiful morning mists. I took this photo on my way to college a couple of days ago before the snow really hit. It's right around the corner from my house:
So what has this got to do with shaving? Well, as mentioned in my last SOTW, it gets very cold in my bathroom as the window doesn't close properly. I've duct-tapped it up so it's not as bad but it's still chilly and this leads to goosebumps. Shaving + goosebumps =  irritation. I've been itching like crazy all week as a result of the bad shave last week, and while I do think it was the bad blades fault, it being colder than a polar bear's nose in my bathroom sure doesn't help the process. I've been trying to let the skin on my legs settle and stop itching before I shave again. For those of you who are curious, here's a picture of how badly flared up my skin was after the bad shave: ITCHY!

I'm still not sure how to best heat up the bathroom before I shave. I put the heat on 30 mins before I plan on going in there and I take a nice hot shower first but once I step out from under the stream to lather up I can feel the cold (my friends will tell you that I'm always cold. Even in the summer I'm wearing a coat while everyone else is in t-shirts. Right now I'm in my room, with the heat on, wearing a fluffy dressing gown over all of my clothes and my hands still feel like blocks of ice!). Any ideas you readers may have would be greatly appreciated before I doom myself to itchy cold shaves for the winter!

- BE


Bit2 said...

3M makes a window cover to seal it shut.
However, if that is your only ventilation that would not be good.

I say buy a shower stool/chair and shave in the tub. Do NOT get out or open the curtain.

my 2 cents.

Louise said...

Don't shave! Use the hair as an extra barrier against the cold! :)

Barber Eile's Blog said...

Louise: good idea but I have to wear tights tonight and stubble through tights looks odd!
Bit2: I don't actually get out of the shower but just stepping out of the stream makes me cold as it's a shower/bath so there's no curtain around it. And I can't stay under the stream as it washes the lather off!

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